Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Reason to Appreciate a Sunny Day

Our vendor, Southern Energy Management of Morrisville, NC, had promised to come back on the 28th to turn our system up.  They did.  And the system produced $3.40 of electricity yesterday afternoon! 

So, a whole new experience starts now.  We cut, split and burned wood to heat our Pennsylvania homes for about fifteen years.  Now we are on gas in NC, but have managed to come up with a way to at least generate as much solar electric energy, in dollar value, as we would have to buy to continue our lifestyle.  We are proud of getting in on this early.  And we are grateful to the people that opened their homes, like the Wagners, in October's Green Home tour and allowed us to learn first hand that this is an excellent time to make this kind of investment. 

I am willing to answer questions you may have about our experience.  Email me at joseph.miller3@gmail.com.

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