Friday, December 4, 2009

Hardware Installed!

Hardware is now installed on the roof.  Our inverter is wired and the conduit with wire is run through the attic to the area for the meter on the other end of our house (see photo below). 

Our local electric utility has come to pre-plan the installation of the additional and second meter.  This second meter will measure the electricity we generate which is connected to the "grid" (the public electric wires) which virtually makes the electricity available to anyone.  This meters measurements determine the money we will be able to collect from our electric utility and from the broker that has sold our SRECs.  From an earlier post, you may remember that we will collect $.048 per kWh from the utility and $.20 per kWh for the incentive payment from the broker.  We pay the electric utility, as measured by the original meter, about $.128 per kWh.  The margin or profit is what we use to pay ourselves back for having made the investment.


  1. I've been researching this for a while and considering purchasing my own system. I am aware of NCGreenPower for selling the SRECs. I know they pay $0.15/kWh. Where are you selling yours for $0.20/kWh?