Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Day

After their last visit on the ninth, Southern Energy Management told us that they would be back to do the final cutover on the week of the 28th of December.  They explained that they wanted to spend the weather permitting days between the tenth and the twenty-eighth finishing up other installations that needed outside work done.  They allowed that they might be back sooner if the weather turned bad again.

Well tomorrow the fifteenth is supposed to have a probability of showers, so they have just called to say they'll be back.  It looks like Tuesday will be their last day here and we'll be generating electricity tomorrow afternoon. 

Interestingly, we will need to be without power for many hours, and perhaps all day tomorrow while the electric company's people disconnect our current power, the solar people do their wiring, the government inspector inspects and the electric company comes back out to plug us back in again.

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