Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Connections Scheduled Today

The managers at Southern Energy have practiced skills at interpreting weather forecasts.  They decided to jump in the trucks and come out from Raleigh to finish the connections on our installation.  They arrived in a downpour with lightening and thunder. 

But, it stopped within minutes.  They have a couple of hours work and there is a predicted couple of hour window of clearing expected today.  So maybe......

Our electric company came yesterday and installed a new meter to replace our old plus a new additional meter.  These meters are  for measuring, as were the old meters, plus they are recording data about our consumption and generation of electricity.  The new meters are also connected to our home phone line.   The utility will henceforth be able to dial our phone at 2:30a have it answered by the meter without disturbing us and receive data.  The data will be used to prepare our bill, and will inform the companies that will pay us incentives what energy we generated.  The data will be shared with us on a spreadsheet.

The utility told us that there are four systems going on line this month and that the total will then be eight systems.

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