Saturday, January 2, 2010

Unofficial Results for first week

Our first two whole days of operation seem to have generated $15.00 worth (to us) of electricity!  Good sunny days with temperature in the fifties. 

The next two days, 12/31 and 1/1/10 were as dark and gloomy as you can get.  We generated about a dollar's worth of electricity those two days.  Total.  However, there is enough known about the weather in your, and my, locality  that it is easy to design a PV system to account for the cloudy days.   An experienced vendor will be able to account for the inefficient days by making your system larger. 

For our first four full days, my impression is that we've used less than $4.00 per day in electricity or less than $16 total.   We generated about $16.00 worth in that same period.  So, by the seat of my pants, we are making our goal that our investment was designed to meet.

Our particular inverter, used for converting the solar panel's DC electricity into AC, has an LCD display that cycles through about 20 elements of data to tell us how we are doing every 15 seconds or so. 
There is a computer inside the inverter that calculates what the daily dollar value is of the electricity generated that day.   That is how we come to know our daily result.  Our inverter is an Aurora Power One 6000.